Founded in 1976, SIH Brackets Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality utilitarian items at affordable prices. The company is privately owned. SIH manufactures a broad range of wall and ceiling mounts for CRT & flat screen TV's, home entertainment units, projectors, audio and video accessories. 

SIH has been in the mounts business for over than 15 years, and has a proven track record for success in the retail market. We are a long-established Israeli company with highly-skilled staff. Currently we sell to over 3,500 stores worldwide and strive to keep ahead of market needs and trends. We provide all the services any retailer needs including EDI, professional customer service, and a warehouse with a 100% on-time performance record. 

SIH exclusive products are designed with an emphasis on easy assembly and mounting. The assembly instructions contain step-by-step, simple instructions in the form of illustrations. Each package includes a mounting accessory kit. We offer all our products in an attractive full-color gift package. 

Green Electronics - throughout the manufacturing process, SIH brackets comply with the stringent US and EU standards on e-waste and recycling. 

At SIH Brackets, we are committed to community outreach by employing people with disabilities - helping people help themselves. 

All our mounts are manufactured according to the highest EU and US standards.