S.I.H – Screen mounting solutions, hardware, locks and metal sheet processing since 1976.

For the past four decades, S.I.H has been the leader in its field and a large part of the company’s products are an essential, functional and designer item in thousands of homes and business premises throughout Israel and all over the world and provide various solutions in a wide range of fields.


S.I.H is a successful international company which operates under 4 professional divisions:

  • S.I.H Wall Mountings – mounting solutions for flat TV screens and audio and video projectors.
  • S.I.H Hardware
  • S.I.H Locks
  • S.I.H Cables

The company relies on a decades’ long tradition of development, manufacture and marketing of various products, strictly ensuring quality, high standards and excellent raw materials.

The S.I.H Company places a great deal of emphasis on the professional aspect, principally the best and most advanced machinery and equipment in the industry which enable the company to manufacture, market and deliver solutions and products in various fields in Israel and all over the world.


S.I.H products, some of which are off the shelf products and some of which are tailor made to the manufacture’s requirements and specifications. S.I.H maintains an internal Development Dept., allowing us to produce advanced and original products and provides solutions based upon thinking outside of the box. The production processes at S.I.H are accompanied by stringent quality assurance procedures based upon European and American standards and ISO 9001 : 2000.

Based upon the company’s industrial concept, the company complies with green European and American standards regarding recycling and waste materials. Furthermore, S.I.H is obligated to the community by employing disabled people – we help people to help themselves.